Brave the Unknown


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Upgraded Algorithms for Better Performance


Empowered by ZHIYUN’s 7th Gen Instune Algorithms with enhanced motor performance by 100%, EVO 2 responses to intense

motions or even sudden shakes with precise compensation to deliver the smoothest footage.




Splash-Resistant from Top to Bottom


The completely splash-resistant design of EVO 2 is bulletproof to spills that may damage the sensitive electrical components. EVO 2 is

engineered to resist splash even when it is charging the action camera, eliminating your worries about the shooting environment.




Quick Setup with a Single Click


Replacing old screws-harness design, EVO 2 adopts an easy clip-up harness to hold the action camera, allowing quick setup within





Beast Mode for Instant Scene Transition


By simply triggering a button, EVO 2 immediately activates the full potential of motors and enters into full-speed following -Beast

mode to realize scene transition.




POV Mode for New Vision


Newly added POV mode allows synchronous roll axis movement up to 45° by following your movement, which adds an interesting

dynamic to your scene in first-person perspective.




Diversified Control Methods


With ZY Play APP or an extra remote controller, EVO 2 allows for more flexible team cooperation or even be your teammate itself

when shoot alone.

*Remote control requires connection to Wireless Thumb Controller or APP.




Timelapse for Sports Photography


EVO 2 is endowed with various timelapse features, such as motion timelapse and hyper timelapse, helping you to capture the passage

of time in motion.






Slow Motion, Great Emotion


EVO 2 can keep your camera perfectly still and stable when shooting slo-

mo at 1080p, 240fps, and enhances the smoothness in footage when

shooting at 4K 60fps. You can see no compromise in video quality even

when playing 10 times slower.

(The availability of slo-mo feature depends on the action camera)


4K Video      Slow Motion

Record at 60FPS                  1080P
                                             Up to 240FPS






Quick Mode Switches


You can access Gopro functions with the buttons on

EVO 2, to switch between video and photo taking, or to

enter Beast mode to step up your games in various




12-Hour Runtime on One Charge


With more powerful batteries on board, EVO 2 can run up to 12 hours on a charge and can directly charge your action camera,

offering enough endurance for adventurers.



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